Lane and I just had a great 4 days in Hyalite Canyon in Montana, The pictures will be great when I can get home to my camera jack.
Day 1: We did The Fat One WI-3, 2 laps
Day 2: Palisades Falls . We led left and Center, Top-roped the Mixed Right hand. Very fun
Day 3: Did laps after leading the Thrill is Gone M4-WI4, Nice to climb in a little sun, and Lane led the Elevator Shaft WI 3+.
Day 4: Lane again led on the Mummy Cooler 2 – WI3+and I led The Scepter WI5- only to get completely soaked

Day 5 : Rest

Day 6; Moratoruim!!

Awesome doing mixed climbing on the trip. We are now in Cody taking a rest day and getting ready for the Moratorium WI4+ 2 pitches. We are very excited!!

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