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Mongo Ridge, West Fury Peak
First ascent-solo -Aug 24-28/06
In August 13 of 2006, Mike and I  veiwed an amazing unclimbed ridge that he (Mike) was to name:  Mongo Ridge.
At the time we were climbing a new route on the West Face of Spectre Peak. I had known of Mongo on the map,but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to do with it.
Awesome picture of the SW Ridge of West Fury Peak, also known as the “Mongo” Ridge.
Here Mike and I see “Mongo” after doing the first ascent of near-by Haunted Wall. We planned to climb it together the next year,but…..
2 weeks later, I find myself, alone on it!
The brush on the approach-suck
Looking down from the base of the Pole
<–My shadow on top of the “Pole of Remoteness”
My original report on CC,com (lots of pics)
This groundbreaking solo effort recived much attention. Alpinist did a feature.
Link to the NWMJ Feature Article
As did Climbing
The Brutal Stats:
Miles: total:50-60,off-trail 60%
Elevation gain: total:15,000′, route: 4000′
Peaks summited: 3 (including E. Fury 2x)
Grade : VI-510a
Number of pitches over 5.7:  30 +2 of ice
Number of rappels: 13,- 4 of them double
The biggest surprise was being contacted byThe New York Times!
This was a very enjoyable yet terrifying climb. Except for the ridge-gaining start, it was a Classic in every sense. The perfect medium to test all skills. It could have just as easily led to a harrowing dead-end. The cliffs on all sides were vast and steep. The setting , absolutly remote, The commitment: Total

Please promise yourself that you will do something that stretches and imboldens you in this, your life. It can lead to amazing growth.

Life is shorter than we will ultimately appreciate,

The Bivy!
below: Looking down the monster


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