Looming Journey

UPDATE: We are done with a great week at the City of Rocks and Castle Rocks .  We did 24 pitches up to 5.11. Will load some pictures soon. We are now in SLCity. Hanging out with Mike and Britne!

In just a few days, I will be leaving with two friends to seek out our first glimpses of the Southwest deserts of the country. It stands to be my first multi week road trip in over 22 years. The year when my partners were born.

We plan on stopping at City of Rocks in southern Idaho- then off to Utah to see all the park areas and do some climbing (duh). We hope to visit Canyonlands, Moab, Arches, Indian Creek , and Zion while in Utah. Then we hope to hit Red Rocks near Vegas and finally finish in the Sierras on our way back to return in late june. To say the team is excited would be putting it mildly. We plan on doing updates when we can along the way so stay tuned. Thank you Rob for volunteering your camper van!

Joke: Q: how do you make God laugh?

A: Tell him your plans.


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