In the Black(canyon)

Detouring from the original plan, We decided to check out The Black Canyon of the Gunnison. It was great to visit yet another area that we had only read and dreamt about.  As a nod to the canyons intimidating chasms, we started out on the Casual Off-Route with the Direct finish. (III-5.9, 6-9p)

We then spent another night there and ran into Blake and Nate right before we did the AWESOME Scenic Cruise, at N. Chasm . (V-5.10+)

The exposure was tremendous and the climbing was like doing half of El Capitan. We were both very tired at the end.

We are now trying to figure out where to go next, the Zion/Vegas area is about to sizzle.

Special thanks to our new friends at the Crawfords’ Black Canyon Cafe! What a dinner they fixed for us.


  1. Lynne Watkins says

    Hi Wayne,

    I met you at the Black Canyon Cafe. I was your waitress. I love the pictures.
    I am on the Chamber Board in Crawford and we are wanting to update our Chamber Website and I was wondering if you would allow me to use a couple of your pictures from the Black Canyon and some of you thoughts about climbing it for our website. Of course your name would be posted with them. These pictures would be perfect for our website. If so can you email them to me. If you decide not to, I understand.
    Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

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