Maple Canyon

Alas..all good things come to an end. After pulling hard at Maple Canyon, UT, we decided we had a good enough of a trip.After 3 action packed weeks, I am now back in Seattle recovering from PVD. (post vacation depression). No sympathy seeking here, we logged in 70 pitches mostly 5.10-5.11. over 20 days. Making new friends and seeing some old along the way. A rich collection of good memories.

Thanks to Rob for the wheels, Beau for being a great partner and friend, and Mike and Britne for the hospitality.

Thanks for following, and hope to hear of your vacation when it happens, Wayne

we enjoyed our trip to Maple . It was so very steep .

The Mortar in-between the cobbles is amazingly solid and the moves are gym like . What fun, and yet another diverse area with bizarre local flavor.


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