Wind Rivers ’10

  • Flash-back: It was 1986,
  • Mike C. and I were on our first major road trip. We dispatched N. face of the Grand Teton, and hiked in to the Winds for the first time. We got 3 straight days of rain and had enough.  It was decided we head for the Columbia Icefields, where we did the West Shoulder Direct on Andromeda. After doing that , We did a trip through Montana which culminated in a new grade 5 , 5.11 route on Flathead Spire. Amazing trip, though, the only part of the trip we got shut down was the Winds. It had been a life expanding journey, testing my ability and nerve.Well, flash forward 24 years and I got my revenge ( To a degree)..
  • Flash-forward-2010, So Mike , Britne, and Myself headed there (Cirque of the Towers) to do some climbing and , in Brits case, also some fishing.Mike and I did the classic NE face of Pingora, pictured above and below. We did the route in 3 and a half hours. very fun route, though doesn’t photograph well.

    Next , it was the 3 of us on Wolfs Head. A tremendously exposed and fun outing. Much like a traverse, it wanders up a knife edge ridge for a long ways. The three of us were a well oiled machine. Such a great time.

    It also turned out to be the last trip my partners took together in the non-engaged part of their young lives! Mike proposed to Britne shortly after the trip.

    I give the two of them my best of wishes for the future!      

    We got chased off our final goal by really bad thunderstorms.  The Black Elk route on Warbonnet is a good reason to go back.

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