Squamish ’10

Steve and I are enjoying fall on the Howe Sound.  Squamish has always been a place that I wish I could get to more. It is a granite climbers Disneyland. We are up here for 4 days and the first day was great. We did 2 + routes on the Squaw. The wetness factor dictate that we do a variation of  Birds of Prey. The start 5.8 thin crack was fantastic. We then had to work the newer routes to the left for a fun, dryer finish. The Great Game was dryish and super spectacular! Pitch 1 (5.10d) was a thin crack traverse that was super splitter. The next pitch (also .10d)was out of this world.

Day 2 , we are finding some wet and dry routes at the base of the Grand Wall. Rutabega was wet, Exasperator was dry,

I really struggled with this particular thin crack  (Exasperater) as it was. My fingers were just too big. I made it up it though,  and thought it felt much harder than 10.c. It was one of the highlights of the trip, there were many.

day 3: There are a couple more 5 star thin cracks on X-crag that we really enjoyed. My favorite was Supervalue-10.c. Steve enjoyed Centre Street, Kangaroo Corner, and Yorkshire Gripper. Squamish is so great for thin cracks, which happens to be my favorite crack size.

Day 4 , as the big routes were probably still drying, we stayed with the cragging theme and bagged yet more classics. Ended up being one of the great rock climbing trips of an outstanding year.

We got in 23 pitches, only a couple were multi- pitch. Nearly all were highest quality routes. Thanks Steve for the invite and for the new friends as well!

Thanks Perry and Nadine!, and Jeremy and Shara too!

facebk photo reel#1



  1. Jessica Todd says

    “I really struggled with this particular thin crack (Exasperater) as it was. My fingers were just too big.”

    Maybe good for my finger size 🙂 Can’t wait to try it this year! Looks like a fun trip!


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