Steep Rock on Index

Nate and I hooked up for our first time and went to the tremendously difficult area above the town of Index. Index rock climbing has always intimidated me with its steep and thinly featured granite. The moves always feel like you are going to come off at any time. It is hard to relax there, and the moves must be figured out at the expense of your endurance.

Nate got the first pitch of Centerfold, with its steep friction foot mantle with a sloper finish

Here is Orion leading pitch 1.

The money pitch was pitch 2 though with its relentless fun and difficult moves, that left the leader extended on many small stoppers in a row!

Pitch 3 was a scary friction sequence that felt quite absurd for the rating.

Pitch 4 was the great corner that I had problems with as my fingers were too big for the thinness of the crack.

Bloody hard route but very fun to be pushed.

After that we did the splitter 3 pitch route called Rattletale, It had a crux that need 4 blue Trango cams, as yellow BD was too small AND blue bd was too big, Nate did a good job considering the fact that we only had 1 good cam for the pitch,

I mopped up a great day here on pitch 3.

My report

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