Hyalite Canyon Ice and Mixed Climbing ’10

Climber/Photographer Ben Herndon and I enjoyed heading out to Hyalite Canyon, meeting up with Craig Pope (shown above) and many other friends. We had a great time all week, starting with the Bozeman Ice Festival 2010. As the pictures will show we had the best of times in the countries most concentrated selection of ice routes!

We started off with Craig and Marko attempting the 2nd ascent of the amazing Rocket Boy. We also managed to be the first to climb the routes now formed first pitch rating it WI 4 . Marko got the lead on the first pitch and Craig got the first go at the upper mixed to freehanging dagger of the upper wall.

The shows each night drove us crazy to get out and do some sick routes! The tribute to Guy Lacelle was so amazing. I hope everyone gets to see it somehow. It is call La vie de Guy or something like that.
The next day it got warmer so we did Hangover, soloed Genesis 2 and Golden Mean, all very fun routes in the 3-4 range . Most all routes are in fat shape and it is plenty cold right now there too. Some routes have formed that do not usually form much at all, and Craig and company have been adding new variations and new pitch ones too.

Bens amazing Facebook album

Day 4 I went to Twin falls and met up with Seattlites Geoff and Jessica. Both of the falls were very good even in the warmer temps. From there we moved into the Window Rock cabin and I caught a bad cold. Too bad for day 5. I had a great time staying in the place though in great company with Ben and Craig, then also adding Josh and Lynne also from Seattle. Much hilarity ensued.

Day 6, and I felt good enough to follow Craig on the Good Looking One. I then went on a big struggle leading Black Magic! What a ride!

Day 7 : We went to do Cleopatras Needle and then set up for the bad boy: Airborne Ranger! They were both in great shape. When Craig led Airborne, it took a bit of cleaning of the many dagger icicles. What an amazing one to just top rope in my case!

My trip report on cascadeclimbers
Huge thanks to Marko, Ben, Craig, Bozeman Ice Fest, and Pro Mountain Sports for the best ice gear available BUY LOCAL!!


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