Hyalite and Banks Revisited

Due to the temporary nature of ice climbing, we are left to marvel and scamper about at the feet of this fleeting and beautiful sport.  Why else would we suffer the fear, cold, wind, and winter travel?

Well scamper we did. I yet again went back to Hyalite just before the New Years with Beau for just one day. ugh, 17 hours of driving out of 30 total. We didnt plan on such a brief stay but the “Blizzard  Storm Death Forecast” made me wonder about my descision to take my Prius.

None-the-less, it was a stormy day of incredible ice climbing. Here are the routes we did:

Day (only) 1: Ha!

Beau got us going on Genesis 2. I found it necessary to do laps.

I then had to push the issue by leading and lapping an amazing pitch named Home Field Advantage!

As you can tell, it was super fun, with delicate and technical moves the whole way. If you do the route, try to save whats left of the pillars.

We then wrapped up the day doing Hangover. Not fun driving until 2 am that same day. to beat the weather. Shame one the weather forecasters for the late notice.

Banks Trip # 2 Jan 1,2- 2011.

Banks Lake was a friendlier drive with its flat roads and closer proximity. The routes had all but dissapeared during the late dec warm up. They had rebuilt nicely in most cases and may still offer an extended season to come.

With me this trip was Ben Herndon, photographer extraordinaire.  We made fun at the “More Banks Ice ” area with Craig and Liz. We started first with the first pitch of the right hand one.

Craig and I then got after the left Pillar

I then took the dare to tamper with the beast close by.

Be careful what you are willing to do in front of Bens Mighty Camera!

Case in point: Another few laps on H2O2

Wayne on Peewees Left:

It has been a great ice season so far, thanks to the weather and a few great friends, Thanks to Lane, Marko, Craig, Ben, Beau, and Josh. What a great group to hang with!

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