I couldnt let the whole year go by without skiing at least once this season. I love skiing, but my aging knee and my love of technical climbing usually keep me off the slopes.  I had a plan with Lane but David called with a better one. He asked me if I wanted to ride to ski-in, a 10 year running event in the Washington Pass area, organized through cascadeclimbers. Lane and his friend Glenn thought it was the thing to do as well. The plan was to rock climb at fun rock friday, though we pulled in late @ 630. We still got a few good ones in and David realized it had been good to get on rock after years of having not. The place got packed as it got closer to dark.

Saturday, Lane, Glenn, and I did the popular Birthday Tour. It is justifiably so ,with spectacular views and great runs.



The Party that night was great , there were 15-20 people that made food, plans, and friends.

We became  2 parties of 2 the next day on a Goat Wall climb called Sisyphus (10p, 5.11a). I had done the route 5 years ago with Mike, but was very excited to repeat it with Glenn, and Kellie teamed with Lane. Though Glen hadnt done a multi pitch before and Lane hadnt been out in a long while, we were all very stoked in our own way. I also let loose with my new camera, an L series from Pana sonic.

Always a great time, see you there next time, Thanks to David, Kurt, Kellie, Lane, Pro Mountain Sports, and Glenn.


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