Something big going on.

As I write this, friends of mine are on a traverse that I have  held to be the last great traverse project. Joining the Southern and Northern Pickets summit -ridge Traverses stands to be the grandest of all the lower altitude alpine tours. It is now day 4 for them and they have yet to make contact with their phones, which is a spotty prospect at all. Like Ginnie said to me: If they are flying they should be clearing Picket Pass. God Speed Lads!

I am so excited for them as I have come to terms with my own ambitions with this daunting project. My knee and energy level are not quite what they used to be.  I had my time in this great range. It is just awesome to help, and see these fine young climbers pick up the torch and see dreams come true.

Sols Tr on


Jens tr. in web log form, so find the newer posts

Dans tr

Update below

South and North Pickets, photo by Seth

Update 9-9-11 day 8.  Dan H, Sol W, and Jens H pulled off the amazing feat of bagging the 2nd ascent of the Summit Ridge Traverse of the Southern Picket Range, adding Outrigger and Luna in the Northern range as well.. cant wait to hear the story!


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