Hyalite, late 2011

Me on Dribbles

Wow, what a roll Lane, Beau, and I are on! We are enjoying the Icefest and the Ice climbing available here in Bozeman. The  90 foot water-slide and the hot-tub at the motel,  are tough competitors for them though.

Day 1 warm up was Cleopatra’s Needle! We had a great time on route, which was much less full that last year. Seemed like a whole new route to me, thinner yet plenty fat, Not too picked out either.

Photos courtesy of Lane B.

CC trip report

Cleos, p1

Day 2 , we tried to go into Dribbles to do Silken Slot, but ended up in the Curtains area, doing laps on that and the Slot too. Fun in warmish temps.


Day 3: Lane and I beat the crowds up Mummy 2 to get to the amazing 2 upper Mummy Cooler Ice routes. Delicate mixed climbing on: Mummy 3, was so fun as a warm up for the terror that lurked above:

Mummy 4. Jeez , what a lead it is when the Ice free-hangs over cobbled rock, which also leans back at you the whole way. There are few leads I have done that have pushed me like that ‘un! Rock the cobbles to the right of the free-hanger, then dance the blobs back left to join the ice right where it contacts the rock. first of several rests, wow, then you “Thread the Needles”, Weaving behind the daggers, until you get to the final WI5/6 near sheer curtain. What a ride, can’t believe I never fell off it. I will give it a gamely grade on page 5 for sure.

Mummy 3, 4

Mummy 3

Mummy 4

Mummy 4

Day4: Rest day for me. Lane and Beau did Green and Blue Gully. (only time there were crowds)

Day 5: we rounded the trip off with Dribbles. I spontaneously free-soloed the route , clinging to the left side. Great trip. Thanks to my friends and the Icefest. See you there next year.

Lane on Dribbles


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