Utah Desert 2012

2-3-12 Tomorrow I leave to join up with my friend Mike for my 3rd trip to the Utah Desert to rock climb. The area has become my favorite place to do such activities.
The 1st trip was a 3 week road trip with Beau, and what a great time we had hitting many different venues: City of Rocks, Castle Rock, Castleton Tower, Indian Creek, and many others. The 2nd tripwas a sweet week with Jesse, Mike , and Britne his wife. Bagging 3 1/2 towers along the way.


This trip was in February (4-17th) though, and it was COLD! Especially at night, with temps dipping to the single digits in the Swell. Day- time temps were fine at first, but gradually got more cold and windy until the storms hit us in J-tree and Red Rocks.

We started off close to Salt Lake, visiting the San Rafael Swell. We spent 3 days there, bagging 10 stiff routes. My favorite was Old Bushmills, (10b)

Old Bushmills

We then went to Joshua Tree NP at first finding warm temps, but over the course of the 5 days we were there, it got much colder and windier. It didnt stop us fron doing 21 pitches of great climbing however. Some of the routes includes such classics as: Illusion Dweller, Figures on a Lanscape, Solid Gold, Coarse and Buggy, Rubicon, Bendix Claw, Heart of Darkness, Clean and Jerk, to name a few. We also did the Chasm Cliff “Night Cave” traverse. Much fun, It was my first time there.

Solid Gold

Figures on a Landscape

We then wanted to try bigger routes, so we headed to Red Rocks only to find the snow pilling up . We still got in 11 sport pitches before it really hit.
Our last hope was a good forecast on the last day, so went for the Primrose Dihedral route on Moses in Canyonlands . It was a great time on my 6th tower. It was also the most demanding too. Thanks to Mike for being a great host, and climbing partner, I will be back.

p1, Moses


p4, Moses

Moses Group


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