Canadian Rockies 12-12

Here are some shots and thoughts from a 5-day trip I took with Lane, Steve, and Christina.

Canada is such a reliable place if you have to go ice climbing. We had hoped to go to the Hyalite Icefest, but the team agreed we had better chances at a lot of ice going to the colder regions. After all, it is still early season in the first week in December.

Day 1, I have taken to visiting the closest crag first, in order to climb as soon as you can finish the drive. Haffner Creek is great for that. Tough short routes immediatly reward the long drive. Satisfy the whole clan, including Christina on her maiden ice trip! Huge thanks to Pro Mt Sports for having all the latest gadgets for this crazy fun sport.

Day 2, Another warm up day on Moonlight and Snowline again with Lane, Christina.

D3, following the great advice from Steve, we head into the Ghost. Enjoyed Dead Bird, Yellow bird, and Good, Bad , Ugly rounded out a fun outing. Hope to see the rest of this cool valley someday.

D4 and it is time to try something big with the master himself, Steve. He had his eye on a set of routes ending high on Mt. Wilson. Oh, Le Tabernac is a 2 pitch 5 that gains access to an even bigger cliff that offers much greater prizes. The most obvious hard route was Whoa Whoa Capitane . Steve had already done the crazy one on the far right: Les Miserables. He saw fit to do the 1st lead on OLTab. It ended up being so very wet for him, enduring  a constant shower for half of the pitch. With guilt I led the dry second pitch, and we started the big wallow up to the upper bowl. What an amazing set of climbs are up there!!!   The ultimate Ice Crag, offering a half dozen multi-pitch stunners. We were to be humbled by more water pouring down the early season ice (bailed). Next time.

D5 Cold temps can be dealt with unless accompanied by high winds. That was the scenario that led us to the Grotto Canyon, enjoying its shelter and very fun routes. Enjoy the photos, and please be a part of the online content , post your report soon.thanks.

Also, I am selling 3 pairs of plastic double boots. they are lightly used and going cheap.

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