Squamish ’15

I wasn’t even thinking about going climbing last weekend with the hot temperatures here in the NW. It was a tough week at work in 90+ degree temps every day. Doug called me though looking for a partner. I do enjoy climbing with him as he is willing to swap leads and always has fun projects in mind. First up was to get up to shady higher altitude climbing at Fluffy Kitten Wall, near Mt. Habrich. After going up the sensitive watershed road for a few miles(FWD, and clearance), it is only about 45 minutes to the base. The wall goes into the shade around 10 am, which is when we started up the 6 pitch 5.11a gem of a route. The pitches were not strenuous or stressful for the grade, just long and enjoyable. Lots of foot jamming, you dont need 4 of any cam either.

Jesse’s Blog trip report

Fluffy Kitten Wall from RC

Double TR on CC

Next up was Sunset Strip, a newer link up in the Western Dihedrals -that also stays shady for the first half of the day-. It is a 12 pitch classic that I hear can get quite crowded, but not for us. we started at 630 am and it took a long time still to get through all the tough pitches. What a package that climb is all the way to the end! I ran out of gas on the last crux.

One of my favorite weekends ever! Thanks Doug for rolling out for this great trip!

Mt Proj. beta

Squam. source






  1. DJ Hutchinson says

    Allow me to repeat another of my Nostradamus-like predictions, Wonderful Thing About Tiggers is poised to become the Canadian Acid Baby, baby! Since our successful ascent (which is the 47th ever if my count is correct, but who’s counting?), I personally know three parties who have since done it or are seriously thinking about it, or at least asking for beta. And, now that Wayne’s World Blog has blown it up to the world, crowding is eminent.

    I was a little skeptical at first but that truly is one of the top three hand selfies ever taken! No one is pushing the genre of alpine hand selfies forward like you.

    Your labels are a little effed up: “p3 TWTATiggers” is really P5 and “p4 TWTATiggers” is really moving into the crux of P6. The hand selfie is prolly on P6 too but that pic is so timeless, it could really be anywhere.

    Nineteen very high quality pitches – thanks for the good times Wayne!

  2. geoffcgeorges says

    yes, as Doug says, your guys enthusiasm for this route got us out there. It was on my list for a long time, but not much was known about it. It is also raved about recently on Squamish climbing.com. We were a bit confused trying to find the trail head and then I saw a cairn and found the rope bridge. We parked right there in a little pull out. I got the 10b pitch which was excellent, and the 11a, which was really hard for me, fell just before reaching 1st bolt. We will have to sample some of the other offerings up there. Looks like you liked Sunset strip, and Doug got the so called 10d off fingers, I did that with the 5.9 above it for a great long pitch, and Doug got the chimney- how did that go? what a grunt.

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