Canadian Rockies 2-’16

Thankfully I had climbed to my hearts desire on my last trip. 4 big routes in 5 days will satisfy your ambitions for a while. Now though, I really needed a vacation as much as another Canadian Rockies ice climbing trip. It just so happened that the temperatures skyrocketed to the point that smashed records for mid February. Welcoming a laid-back trip, I felt fortunate to have developed an actual social network that was a great way to spend time between great climbs. It takes a while to partnerships and friendships in climbing to the point where you almost always have options. It is a game of give and take. Having great partners like Steve, Bob, etc., can really make the difference in attaining your dreams. I even got to stay with a climber that I have idolized for many years. It takes work to maintain good friendships, but the rewards speak for themselves. Huge thanks for a great week to the following folk: Steve, Sarah, Seth, Raphael (and wife Vera), Tomas, and Andres (and wife).


So lets talk climbing!!!! We relied on the Ghost (and Bob’s great truck,) twice for solid, and dryer ice, and it paid off with the beautiful climb called Fang and Fist. It is a 3-4 pitch route that gradually gets steeper until the top which almost overhangs!! So fun, yet so far back there on tough 4×4 conditions. Later in the week we still found dry conditions on Wuthering Heights. We got in a couple of great mixed crag days at Haffner and the latest rage area: The Playground delivered some awesome dry tooling! So fun there, yet manufactured /drilled holes make it an ethical dilemma for some I’m sure. The warm temps continued, yet we still were able to stay dry on Cascade Kronenburg, and finally got wet on the crux of Carlsberg. Things felt surprisingly safe as long as we weren’t on a slope that could avalanche. What a great week!

Look for an exciting review of the Edelrid Flycatcher and Micro Jul system soon!

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