Can companies “do good”? Cotopaxi.

Being a left leaning Bernie supporter, I find it easy to bash the necessary evil of the corporation. I could go on and on about how I feel that mega corporations are laying waste to civilization, blah, blah.. Lately, they have become the agents of change for the better in some cases. We are about to see it in North Carolina?

It seems there are so few models of these institutions that appear to a conscience for improving the communities that they produce in. Local small businesses are often good examples, but I found a small international one: Cotopaxi, that could be a good model for global issues we face. I wish them success. The products seem well made and even artistic. The ethics they portray seem sound, if not utopic.

I bought the signature: “I’m Feeling Lucky” Luzon Pack. Definitely a one of a kind, and will make a great summit pack, or around town bag. Its minimalistic design and bright colors may not play with everyone, but I enjoy them. I also like the retro packs a lot. The company is locally based in Utah, the operation has its products made in the Philippine’s. While educating myself with my research into this new outdoor company, I learned about the concept of operating as a “B Corp” company.


Their approach is best defined in that and this article on their backpacks: .

When I was contacted by a rep from the company, she challenged me on my thoughts on the concept of “giving”.

My mind went to different activities I do when I have the time. I volunteer in kids/mentor groups, political campaigns, my Condo Association, and also my blog. I do these things to give back to the community that I belong to and rely on. It gives back by connecting me, and offering me social interaction that has become an ever scarce commodity. Please be a force for good and give without expecting in return.

I will be trying out more of the gear they offer. The product line is quite large and creative. They even have a coat made from llama fleece!

Now if I could just get away from my 6 day/week project at work to try it out.


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