Sabbra Cadabra





bird and egg p7

I would not have picked Sabbra for my first big route of the season. Jeremy and perfect weather can be persuasive however:

“We still haven’t done Sabbra”
Me: Not sure how I would be on sabbra have not done much climbing yet this season,but
I’d try sabbra if you feel up to the crux.
“I’m game for the crux. I’m climbing pretty strong right now. 11+ bolted correct?”
Me: Ok let’s go
As it turns out I needed more reps to do it justice, but WOW, what a great route. We didn’t “free” it, nor finish either due to a raptor nest atop p6.
     The 4 “business” pitches we did were very enjoyable to the extreme even doing the occasional “take”(sitting in your harness, to take a break). P2 was my cleanest effort, I managed to get up its super delicate slabby insanity cleanly, though the pitch was damp in places. Jeremy did an amazing job on the 1st 5.11 pitch on p3. With and early take, he kicked out the rest in an impressive effort on small holds. After struggling up the follow of it, I led a lot of the next 5.11 thin crack (from heaven) free, but started pulling gear at the end. I also did a “take” on the 10d p6, clearly not in mid season form. It was worth the humiliation, and I cant wait to get back to try it when more seasoned.
   If you look close at one of the photos, you will see the falcon with and egg just visible. We had no idea it was there until I was quietly looking at the 7th pitch. We did not disturb it, and notified the proper authorities for a seasonal closure of the area. My next visit can wait.



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