City of Rocks ’18

Ahhh the City..

  I have such an amazing history there, and myself and 4 friends just added to it!

It was my 4th time there, and the first for my companions. It was great to see them gaze off at the stunning views, and smile at the possibilities of the exotic granite climbing at hand. Truly a vacation type place, it lives up to both the hype and the chill you will hear about, and experience there.

I went slow at first adjusting to the “go for it” cruxes and vintage bolts in places. I did pick it up a bit- logging 23 pitches, with numerous 5.11 memorable leads. My favorite was Pogemahone, a sweet pitch among other stunning ones such as Redtail, Where Eagles Fly, Chomping at the Bit, and the amazing Bumbly takes a Tumbly! Though the drive takes a while, it becomes worth it with just a couple of the routes here, it’s just that good.

Cant wait to get back.


6/29-7/3-18 City of Rocks 23p to 11a w/ Jenn, Chris, Eileen, Tristan

6-29 Eagle Crack, Eagles Fly 2p to 11a

6-30 Harvest, Expect no Mercy, thin slice, No Parking 4p to 10d

7-1 redtail, sudden pleasure, Pogemahone 11a, bloody finger 4p 11a

7-2 Collossus 10c, private I., soaring seagulls, Pygmies Stoned x2, nesting egos tr, 6p10c

7-3 tribal B. Deez Guys, can’t believe it, Bumblie Tumblie 11a, Chomping Bit 11a x2, Heat Wave 7p to 11a



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