Squamish ’18

I love the transformative nature of climbing. In this instance, take a depressing labor strike in my work field and turn it into 5 amazing days at Squamish. It suddenly becomes this great vacation of 5 star routes, eating great food, meeting up with new and old friends. Best of all Jenn joined me for 2 amazing days of it. My favorite of the climbs was Hairpin, Man of Leisure was insane(should be rated R or PG13?) . Huge thanks to Steve for the nice apartment lodging, Jenn, Josh, Kyle, Angela, and Peter for fun times and great climbs!!

26 pitches: 5 multi-pitch. 5 top 100 as follows;

8-31-18 Centerfold, Supervalue 4p to 10c w/Steve
9-1-18 Right Wing 5p 10c
9-2-18 Hairpin direct, mushroom, Man of Leisure 7p to 11a w/Jenn
9-3-18 Peasants route, Pleasant Pheasant, cross trainer 8 p to 11a
9-4-18 Canadian Compromise/ Quagmire Crack 2p 10c solo trax


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