Canadian Ice/Mixed 11-’18

Early season can hold many great advantages:
Less snow to slog though, lower avalanche hazard, and roads remain open too.

Temperatures can be moderate as the cold may not have settled in yet, routes may come in that may not regularly form or be safe later.

(Maybe?)Slightly less crowds, yet stoke runs high on your first outing of the year!!

11-22-18 Dark Nature 2p WI5-M5 w/ Doug

11-23-18 Whiteman/Redman 4p to WI6-M5+

11-24-18 Candlestick Maker 2p WI5

11-25-18 Urs Hole Direct 4p WI5

These were the things we took full advantage of when we came up to Canada for the 4 day weekend of Thanksgiving this year, and what a pay-off! We saw pictures ahead of time on face book of Dark Nature, an obscure mixed route at Lake Louis. It looked steep and mostly ice. People were raving about it. It figured to be crowded, but since we pulled in at 1pm, the other parties were just getting down when we arrived.

Whiteman/Redman was fantastic again, Doug hadn’t been in there before, and didn’t have to walk the road approach like I had to the previous times. I got to lead the first pitch of Redman after backing off  2 years prior.

Doug hadn’t been to the Ghost River either, and wanted to badly. So after consulting with the Colonel, we hit Candlestick Maker, another route I hadn’t  been to as well. It was an awesome experience, except for the welt I put on my forehead.

I can’t say enough about how cool Urs Hole is as an experience for the first time. More of a mounatineering/spelunking adventure than an ice climb, suffice to say it should blow your mind. What a great trip, thanks to Doug, Jenn, and my family as I did this in the midst of the passing of my Dad. I did do the memorial just last weekend though and it went very well. Thanks Dad, for a wonderful upbringing, I will think of you often.




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