My Friend Jess

” I’m trying to figure out why this is affecting me so much” said Lane, ” I didn’t really know him that well.”

I offered in reply: ” He was one of our heroes, as were all 3 of them. They had life by the balls, and seemed like good people at heart. We never want good things to end.”


I hate you death, and your shocking, random inevitability.

I also must accept you as I now send a friend into your arms.

This unwelcome finish to existence, will have its day.

Goodbye Jess Roskelley 1982- 2019



We only did a few major climbs together, but we hit it off well back when Beau introduced me to his bestie: Jess. He was very young then (2011?) and looking for what he wanted to do outside of welding. All of his ideas seems great, including the exciting welding operations he did. When he told me he wanted to be a professional climber, I was excited too for that prospect. He of course had to do more difficult climbs, so his ambition fell into my plans of having good partners at my disposal. We disposed some really amazing ice in our short time together. He would outpace me and my local plans pretty quick too. I always kept in touch with him though and tried to pry him away from his amazing life.

I will miss his pictures and posts of him enjoying life with his friends and family. I will miss the possibility of spending time together. I expect to cry every time I drive through Spokane.



Rainbow Serpent

My deepest condolences to the people close to your Jess, David, and Hansjorg. I am glad to have met many of you, and may you have peace, and be grateful for what you were offered.


Jess on Rainbow


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