Smith Rock ’19

View from top of Cowdog

Like they say: the only constant is change.

My mind again changed when I went to Smith and remembered how much I enjoy the place.

A huge change that I am on the verge of is retiring from my job/career as a union carpenter foreman. I’m sure I will still work in a limited capacity though. More on that later, but let’s get to the important stuff.

Smith rock has dramatically changed as well. I didn’t think it could fit more people, yet at least there are ever more new routes out there for them to compete for. To say it was crowded was putting it lightly. Pressing to get in line for the “cool kids” newer routes, we did manage to squeeze in 17 pitch effort in a cool/cold three day weekend, 4 multi pitch routes too!

10/12-14 Smith Rock 17p to 10c, 4 mp w/Tom

10-12 Voyage of the Cowdog 3p 5.8+, Fish and Chips 10c, Power direct 10a, Pack Animal direct 10b 2p

10-13 Attempt@ Dirty Pinkos 1p 5.8, Chouinards Crack 5.9, Lets Face It 10c, Lost in Space 10c 4p

10-14 Dirty Pinkos 9+, 4p The place emptied out on Monday!


A few thoughts on retirement: I am so grateful and lucky to have been able to work in a signatory union field. The pension, pay, and benefits are something every worker should be able to enjoy. I hope we can rebuild our union membership back to where people can have a living wage! Of course, I hope to climb more during my retirement and enjoy life without the toil of waking up so damn early, and working outside like I have my whole life.

This post is dedicated to Cascade Even though the sites content is flagging, the friendships and memories I have made from it have not.


  1. Shanna Khosravi says

    Wayne, my friend! Congratulations on your retirement! I enjoyed biking with you at Smith Rock, years ago. I’d love to catch up with you. I’m enjoying reading your blog and viewing the lovely photos. –Your Friend, Shanna

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