Early Winter Couloir, NEWS

It’s still hard to believe that we went to the top of North Early Winter Spire in late November. The frozen scene was very surreal, and having that place to yourself just added to it.

Doug presented the idea to me just a few days prior. It was off my radar this time of year. I thought  it was more if a spring route, but many advantages lie in doing it in the fall. The lack of a cornice being one, steeper longer (though thin) cruxes at the chockstones, another. We elected to approach the longer way in from Blue Lake trail. Once around, we followed someone tracks up the route. I didn’t expect to summit NEWS, but the prior party elected to go to the top, so we did that too! There were some real tough moves at the top of the route though. (5.6??)

What an amazing experience the whole day was! Rapping down in the sunset, after a cold day in forbidding granite spires, left an air behind that we had done something quite special.

We belayed 6 pitches, took single+ rack , pins, 6 shorter screws, single 60m. The trail crews have done an outstanding job up there in the last  couple of years!!

Dougs instagram post

Mt Project page

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