Canada 11.2-’19

This wasn’t my coldest trip to the Canadian Rockies, but frigidity had a big impact on the outcome of the experience. Ambitions must be reigned in to the point of bailing on daily objectives at times. We did eek out a wonderful long Thanksgiving weekend up there though conditions were tough.

11-27 p1, Carls/ Silk Tassel wi4 w/Doug

11-28 Urs Hole direct 4p wi5 w/ Jenn


11-29 Shades of Beauty wi4 3p w/ Jenn, Doug, Eileen

11-30 Storm Creek approach

11-31 Johnson Canyon 4p

Temps weren’t the only concern. Brittle ice is the norm. Carlsburg is still wet. We got hit by an uncomfortably sized spindrift at the top of Urs Hole direct. Storm Creek Headwall approach had some pockets of snow that weren’t steep enough to slide, but would have been sketchy had they been. Johnson Canyon isn’t filled in yet either. Temps though…. Somedays the high never got over 0 degrees f.

Enough complaining though, what a great time to be out with 4 friends on a wonderful holiday of food, drink, shopping, and climbing!! Jenn did amazing leading many pitches. Doug can now focus on unpacking and packing for the ski season. Eileen is now a thin-ice specialist! Thanks to everybody (including my family) for the support in this nutty pursuit! You can still have fun while suffering.


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