Colorado ’20

At the last minute, Lane and I decided to use his companion pass and go enjoy good ice climbing conditions in SW Colorado. With 4 days at our disposal, we made the most of it, dispatching 3 multi-pitch routes.

This season, I have been inspired to get after routes that don’t always come in. The word gets out on face bu k, and the want list grows for us all! Though easy to hate on the social networks dark side, for sure, it is so nice to have an information and social medium to pave an expressway to your dream climbs. Crowding can be an issue, we had to wait until noon for Ames. No big deal in 40 degree temps though.

Special thanks to Lane, Carley+ Jason, Harvest+ Kristen, Tyler+ Lucas, Mary+ Lance, Tasha+ Dylan, @sterlingropes, and the WAC( for the top rope and hot chocolate)!

…and ,Hey Reader! Thanks for supporting the community!

An amazing new guidebook is out too! Get a copy of Suffer Candy TODAY!!

2-1-20 Avocado Gulley 3p+1 w3 w/Lane + 4 others. Rarely formed moderate route, great warm-up. Hooked, but fun!

2-2 Ames Ice Hose 4p w4+ w/Lane. Amazing climb! My Colorado favorite so far..Hooked, but fun!

2-3 Whorehouse Hoses 2p w5. Fun climb, setting. We got hit by a crazy storm on second pitch! (video)

2-4 Ouray Ice Park 2p. Fun as usual, Shout out to the WAC!

Click on images to enlarge..


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