To-Do Lists, and their importance.

Those who climb with me know about the “Master List”, The list drives my free time when climbing is in its different seasons. Of course, right now(Mid-covid era) almost no climbing can be accessed. Nevertheless, I expect that there will be a semblance of normalcy again, and I will again be driven by my personal climbing goals. This list is always being edited. Instead of checking them off, they are deleted, and hopefully , a new route or 2 is added.

Though I have a good time getting out and NOT doing something on the list…. there is a sense of satisfaction to have started a great adventure by committing to it as a goal first.

Now I have a list of things I can do around home, and OMG how important that is for my sanity.

I don’t always have a strict discipline to the list, but sometimes we even need a break from our “achievement addiction” ?

Master lists


-Moab area

Dark Angel 

Right chimney, 3 penguins

The fun ramp

Owl Rock

Echo Tower window rt

Grand plan 10+

Seventh serpent 

Program director

Indian Creek 

Drainpipe 5.10

Sunflower Tower 3p 10+

Alley cat 511+

Anasazi 11-

Crack Attack

Pente 11

Kolob Canyon


Shunes Buttress

Many aid walls

-Red Rocks, 

Cloud Tower 11d 6p

Rainbow Wall, .12- 14p hot weather

Black Orpheus 11p 10a

Delicate sound of thunder 2p11b

Cole Essence 11b

Yellow rose of Texas

Yin and Yang



The Schwa 2p 10d

The Warrior 7p 11a

Minnows on Mescaline 5p 8

Left Out  10d

Sweet thin 7p 9

Armatron 5p 9

The Black Pearl 9

Texas Holdem 11c 

Ixtlan 11c 3p

Aquarium 10p 8

Clod Tower 10c, 8p

Risky Business 10c, 4p

Red Zinger 10d 2p

Mai Thai 10d

Red Heat 10d

Adventure Punks 10d 5p

Drifting 11c

X-15 4p 11a

Challenger 6p 10d

Bighorn Buttress 11a 4p 5.11a

The Undertone 2p 10d

-Washington Alpine list:

Improbable Traverse

Mile High Club 8p 10d


WA Pass: 

First amendment

Clean Break


El Capitan

Independence Route


Stuart Range:

Let it Burn




Gato Negro

-Index List

Hand of Doom 11

Leaves and Grass 10b***

Trap Balls 10d**


Agent Orange  11b

Marginal Karma 11b**

Sagittarius 11b***

Keiths Crack 11c

Tommys Sandbox 11b

Jap Gardens 11c****

Klaus VB 10c**

x-NAD p2,3 10d***

Shirley 11c***

Death to Zeke 11b***

Bob and Doris 10c***

Tr-Kite Flying Blind 11c***

x-Hairway to Stephen 11a**

t-Wham 11c **

Heart of the country Route 11b

Blues Cliff

Man in a box

Endless skies

x-Up’er Zipper 11b red point

Danas Arch 11a**

Apes and Ballerinas 10b**

Between the Cheeks

the Wizard 10c

Pork Chop Torpedo 10b

Bravo Jean Marc 11a***

Bowling to Biscuits 10d***

Exit 38 

The Plank 3p 10a



Social Distancing D7

Quauratnine D7

Highstepping D6+

Squamish List

Babes in Kialand 11b 4p burly

Supernatural 2p 11a 10a

Birds of Prey 10b 6p

Good times 11a  

Gone Surfing 2p 11a wide

Cruel Shoes10d

Freeway 11c, 11p

Grand Wall 11a-A0, 8p

New Life 11b, 5p link parallel passages?

Mercy street 10b, 2p

Bullethead Central 11a

Bullethead sport linkup 10b

Rippling waters

Frayed Edge of Sanity p1-5 5.11a

Mercurial Crossing 3p 10a

Hungry Wolf 11b 2p

Deadend Dihedral 11a

Godforsaken Land 10c 5p

Stairway to Heaven 10c 16p

Wall of Attrition 11b 7p

A little Testis 10b

Cruising to Infinity 10c

Hanging Gardens 10d 4p?

Parallel passages


Grand Wall (repeat)

Long house 

top shelf Eye catcher, meltdown, lavinico effect, headbangers in leather, made from fire. Kitten fists.

Ultimate everything

Other great areas:


City of Rocks



Cynical pinnacle Center, Wunchs


Lumpy Ridge turnkorner the nose Mainliner pressure drop 

Naked Edge 


The thief 3p10d

E butt lower cathedral 11p 10d

Toe joe crag

E butt middle Cath 11p 10c

Braille book

Mental block 5p 10c burly

Arrowhead arete

The Voyager

Rostrum 8p 11c

Shultzs ridge crag

Hi way star 1p 10b

Super slacker hwy 8p 10c

Mathes Crest 

Sunspot dihedral

Dark Star

-Ice Lists:

Canada List:

Experts Choice


Wolf Street

French Reality


Spray River Falls

Bridge too Far


Sacre Blue

Sea of Vapors

Masseys/Cool Springs

Good Luck and Bad Dreams

Silk Tassel

Pilsner Pillar

Guinness Stout

French Maid

The Asylum

Tabernac Bowl


End of the Line 4


Shooting Star

Ice Nine


Bow Falls

Murchison vicinity

Dances with Chaos


Big Drip


Lacy Gibbet

The Sliver


Going Sun Hwy


Ice Funnel

Caroline Falls

Marion Falls



Marble canyon

Louise Falls


Weeping Pillar

Mixed Master



WA Ice


Desperation Gully

Tears of a Clown

Bavarian Dark


Drury Falls

Back to the Future Wall

Banks, Entiat, Moses



Shriek of the Sheep

Green River Thriller

Blue Moon on Rye

The Gift

The Thief



Come and Get it


Big Sleep

Misguided youth w4 4p


Incubus, Succubus

Winter Dance


HFA, Alex in W, silken, 

Hydromonster, Hippos


LeaningTree jenn

One Arm Bandit

Slow Turning

Bitches Brew




Joy After Pain


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