City of Rocks’20

Bored out of my skull, I snuck off to Idaho and met Lane at city of rocks towards the end of the lockdown. We took every precaution we could, and felt safe that we were outside the whole time. It was a strange time to be out climbing with so much turmoil. We ended up having a great trip despite inclement weather and even a close brush with a near tornado! The place was not deserted, and the crowd tended to be younger, but isn’t climbing getting younger?

“The City” was not closed, except for the park campgrounds. Naturally the BLM land was overrun a bit and they had to provide a portapoty to accommodate. The locals were not stoked.

Thanks so much to Sterling Ropes for access to the finest ropes in climbing!

4-29 Private Id, rollercoaster, Collossus, att.@ loc ness 6p to 10c wLane

4-30 Lego, Acid Rain 4 laps to 10a

5-1 Box Top, Heartbreaker, Double Cracks 5p to 10d

5-2 Good Stuff, Eviction 4l to 10c

5-3 Conceptual Reality, Just say no 3p to 5.9 22p total

Amazing, of-the-beaten-path routes that were rarely “crowded”.



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