Gato attempt, and W. Ridge, Paisano Pinnacle

Jenn and I finally got our first alpine climb in for the season. It came after many, and regularly bad weather weekends prior. Though the weather was stable on this trip, it was darn cold, so much so that our plan “A“was called off after three pitches We both took a fall on p2 with numb finger/toes, and Jenn ripped open a thumbnail..

Fortunately we had the flexibility of being able to take another day and make a run at Paisano pinnacle West ridge. What a great climb it was! Much better than I expected. And the mountain project reflects my opinion as well. The crux was surprisingly tough, even for 5.9.  Next time I do this climb, I have to link it up with burgundy north face above. Also if somebody is interested there is room for a new direct start on the lower buttress below Paisano pinnacle too. Imagine how long that route would be!?

For the quality, moderate difficulty, and setting, there isn’t a much better link-up available in the wine spires group than these 2 climbs stacked on top of each other.

Gato links:

mt proj

cc1 sol

cc2 matt

cc2 tom

my 2013 report



West Ridge Paisano Pinnacle linky:

mt Project





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