The Charts

So you’re a climber? This chart was designed to help students understand the many different sports within the climbing world. I like to compare climbing to track and field. It too has many completely different and unique sports within its parameters to enjoy. It has gone from the early decathlon to the highly specialized sports we see today. The changes in climbing historically have been chronicled well . Who would have thought we would see people being guided up Everest like it was a tourist attraction. After doing the Nose of El Cap myself in three days, I am stunned to see the new speed records shattered continuously. Who knows what this chart will be like in the next 50 years?
A part of me wants to lament the fact that the majority of the Climbing Population is only participating in one or two specific boxes. It is a shame most are missing out on all the wonderful aspects of the broader scale the sport has to offer. It seems most of the people I know however are branching out into other boxes as their finances and experience allows.
I have enjoyed nearly all of theses sub-sports immensely over the last 30+ years. I think there is enough there to keep anybody interested and busy year round. Perhaps the only downside is all the money one has to spend to participate safely on a broad scope. All I know is I have my favorites and maybe I will see you this weekend on the next adventure!
The Bottom Line: What is Climbing to you?
A great way to get excersize, and hang out with friends?
I find more and more, it is a way to do what modern civilization did away with:
Primal Nature
Self expression
Sense of Accomplishment
Reconnecting with Nature and it’s Order
A tangible way to challenge myself and be with friends in a wonderful setting
Solitude away from a crowded, busy land
Here is chart I use to help determine what I climb during a given amount of time. I occasoinally rewrite some of it and hopefully cross things off.
If you have visited my climbs list you will notice extraordinary success. Obviously I have a system. My Formula: I try to fit the biggest possible plan in with the time we have and of course ,We may adjust it to the East depending on the weather. Another key is your list of partners.
It was done with Microsoft Works program
What to do
One of the interesting things that has happened with this chart is: I noticed I was leaving more time than neccesary on my old lists
. Due to to my expanding standards of what is possible, I have trimmed a day or two off of many trips. You may notice the same on your charts as you improve your ability, get lighter gear, pack less, and get in better shape . Feed your list , everytime you cross something off-add 1or 2. Get after it, the season here is short.
Take time to smell the roses though….dont feel like you have to do every climb super fast. Remmember its fun, right?


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  1. Carla "Beau's Mom" says

    Hello Wayne,
    I have heard a lot about you! Maybe we will meet soon. Enjoy you trip with Beau and Robert. Be safe!! Carla


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