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Welcome to my online climbing journal. These “routes pages” are lists of what I would call “major routes”and or summits. They are the bigger routes that I have been able to climb during my climbing life.  My minimum criterion to make it on these lists are based on:  the time period in my life, # of pitches (3 or more), difficulty , etc. I have also a diary of the minor routes in other journals. I am very glad I kept track from the beginning. It has added motivation to do bigger and harder routes.  I hope you are inspired to do the same.

Use it to build your tick list and surf trip reports.

Beginning on pg 3 there are links to my personal trip reports. Some links are from other parties as well.

-Thank you to my aunt Sandy and uncle Floyd for buying me my first climbing journal book long ago!

Page 1: “the 70s and 80s”.

7-76 Dog Rt. Mt St.Helens, Before Eruption
3-82 S.Side, Mt Hood , 1st of many times
7-12,13-82 Jeff Park Glacier, Mt.Jefferson II-4 First of 7 summits,same trip.
7-16-82 S.Ridge, 3 Finger Jack I-3
7-18-82 N.Ridge, Mt.Washington I-3
7-21-82 S.Ridge ,N.Sister I-3
7-21-82 N.Ridge ,Mid.Sister I-3
7-23-82 Prouty Glacier, S.Sister I-3
7-24-82 N.Ridge, Broken Top I-2
8-17-82 W.Face , Monkey Face III-C3
9-9-82 Nutcracker Manure Pile Butt III-5.9 Yosemite Valley 1st trip continues
9-12-82 Snake Dike Half Dome III-5.7

9-14-82 Reg.Rt. Royal Arches III-5.7

9-16,17-82 South Face, Washingtons Col. V-5.10-C2 19th Birthday
10-7-82 Cen.Pillar Frenzy, Middle Cathedral II-5.9
5-8,9-83 West Face, Leaning Tower V-5.10-C3 2nd trip Yos.Valley Scotts tr
5-13-16-83 The Prow, Washingtons Col. V-5.10a-A3 Solo
5-28-83 West Face, Rixons Pinnacle III-5.10a
6-6-10-83 Zodiac, El Capitan VI-5.10c-A3 Lead all but 2 Pitches
7-30-83 N.Face, Monkey Face III-5.7-C3 Solo
8-22-83 Dods Jam, Beacon Rock III-5.9
9-10-13-83 S.Face, Liberty Cap VI-5.10c-A3 Y.V.
1-29,30-84 Sergeants Ridge, Mt.Shasta II-2 Winter Ski Descent
2-4-84 Bliss Of the Knife, Black Wall III-5.9-A3 Donner Pass
3-29-84 E.Corner High.Cathed.Spire II-5.10a Both Spires in a Day
3-29-84 S.Face Low.Cathed.Spire II-5.9 F.A.
6-19-84 Lucky Streaks, Fairview Dome III-5.10b
6-20-21-84 Cho.-Herbert, Sentinel Rock V-5.10c-C2 V.Y.
8-13-15-84 Harding Rt. Keeler Needle V-5.10c-C3 Sierra Nevada
8-10-11-84 Reg.N.W.Face, Half Dome V-5.10c-C2 Base To Summit in a Day
8-19-84 Summer Daze Beacon Rock II-5.11d-C0
9-12-84 Third Pillar Dana Pillar III-5.9+ Sierra Nevada
9-13-84 S.Face Cerro Gnarly III-5.10b High Sierra F.A.Rep rt.2x
3-15-17-85 N.Face Bear Creek Spire III-5.8-C1 Winter F.A.
5-5-85 Travelers Buttress Lovers Leap III-5.9 Repeat Rt.:2x
4-3-6-85 The Nose El Capitan VI-5.10d-C2
5-11-85 W.Coulior Incredible Hulk III-5.6 Sierra Nevada
5-12-85 S.Face Matterhorn Peak II-5.0
5-26-85 N.Face Mt. Humphreys III-5.7 Sierra’s
6-22,23-85 Swiss Arete Mt.Sill III-5.4 Sierra’s
6-23-85 N.Face Mt.Norman Clyde II-5.6 Sierra’s
7-27,28-85 E.Face Mt.Whitney III-5.8

8-15-85 Fairest of All Fairview Dome III+-5.10c Tuolome
8-10,11-85 Ice Nine Mt.Mendel IV-5.7-AI4 Sierra’s
7-18-86 N.Face Direct Grand Teton IV-5.8 Car to Car in a Day.Lost a Year to Injury
7-23-86 N.W.Shold.Direct Mt.Andromeda IV-5.6-AI4 Canadian Rockies
7-27-86 E.Face Shoshone Butt. III-5.9 Blodgette Canyon,Montana
7-28,29-86 R.Pierce Mem. Flathead Spire IV+-5.11b F.A. Montana
9-9,10-86 Dir.N.Buttress Mid.Cathedral Rk V-5.10b Y.V.
10,3,4-86 Dancing Ceiling Indian Rock V-5.10c-A3 F.A.Solo .Sierra’s
7-7-87 E.Route Lassen Peak I-1 Cascades
7-26-28-87 Diss.Cleaver Mt,Ranier II-1 Cascades
8-23-87 Par.Lot Wall Picnic Lunch Wall V-5.11d-A2 Smith
5-14-6-4-88 W.Buttress Mt,McKinley Attempt,to 18K’
6-12-28-88 S.Buttress Mt.McKinley Attempt,to 16K’
7-23,24-88 Klik.Glac.Icefall Mt.Adams III-AI4 Cascades
7-30-88 Ground Zero Beacon Rock III-5.11d 2nd Free Ascent
8-12-14-88 Comp.N.Ridge Mt. Stuart IV-5.9
9-4-88 N.Ridge Nooksack Tower IV-5.9 Dual Ascent With Price Glacier
9-5-88 Price Glacier Mt. Shucksan IV-5.0-AI3 Cascades
9-31-10-2-88 Dir.N.E.Butt. Slesse Mt. V-5.9
6-10,11-89 Center W.Ridge Mt.Jefferson II-3  KirkWs tr
6-25-89 Barad-Dur Wolf Rock IV-511b Oregon Eldientes tr
7-14,15-89 Dragons of Eden Dragontail Peak V-5.11d-A2 F.A .Sols tr   ,ffa
8-12-89 The Final Curtain Beacon Rock IV-5.11d F.F.A(Mystery Route)
8-19-89 Solid Gold Prussik Peak IV+-5.11a F.A. Ground Up Masterpiece, Sols tr
8-20-89 Outer Space Snow Crk.Wall III-5.9 Enchantments
8-21-23-89 Liberty Crack Liberty Bell V-5.11a-C2
9-3-89 Jensens Ridge Beacon Rock III-5.10c
10-17-89 Eliot Glac.Headwl. Mt.Hood IV-5.7-AI4 Rare Oct. Ascent
4-21-90 Superstition Bat Wall III-5.11a Broughtons Bluff
7-22-90 N.E.Face Turkey Monster IV-511b Menagerie,Oregon Radeks tr
2-10-91 Castle Crags Mt.Hood II-4 Cascades
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