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Welcome to my online climbing journal. I am very glad I kept track from the beginning. It has added motivation to do bigger and harder routes.  I hope you are inspired to do the same.

Use it to build your tick list and surf trip reports.

Beginning here, on pg 3 there are links to my personal trip reports. Some links are from other parties as well

page 3: “The Early 2000’s”

Page 32-20-00 Silk Degrees Lilloet III-5.7-WI4 Start Missing
3-3-00 Proffessor Falls Mt.Rundle IV-WI4 Canadian Rockies
5-18-9-8-00 N.Ridge K2  Attempt to 7500 Meters
9-22,23-00 N.W.Face Forbidden Peak  IV-5.8 3 Attempts
10-7-00 Sunshine Route Mt.Hood II-AI3 Rare Oct Ascent,Direct
11-20-00 N.Face Mt.Shuksan IV-AI2 Did Rt,Didn’t Summit
12-31-00 Polar Circus Mt.Wilson V-WI5 Canadian Rockies
2-11-01 Night-N-Gale Lilloet III-WI4+ B.C.
2-26-01 R.Side  Louis Falls III-WI4+ Canadian Rockies
2-28-01 Carlsberg Mt.Dennis III-WI5 Canadian Rockies
5-26-28-01 Sitkum Glacier Glacier Peak I-1 Done All Volcanoes,Cascades
6-24-01 N.W.Corner N.Early Wint.Spire III-5.9 Washington Cascades
7-1-01 Compl.N.Ridge Mt.Formidable III-5.6 Free Solo
7-3-8-01 Challenger Glac. Mt.Challenger III-5.7 2 Team, Simo-Traverse
7-30-01 Orbit Snow Crk.Wall III-5.8 Leavenworth Classic
8-4-01 N.Face Burgundy Spire III-5.10b x Direct Slab Finish
8-5-01 Rebel Yell Chianti Spire III-5.10a Same Trip as Above
8-14-01 S.E. Corner Snowpatch Spire IV-5.7 Percells,Canada
8-25,26-01 S.Route Sahale Peak II-4th Double Ascent with Buckner
8-25,26-01 N.Face Couloir Mt.Buckner III-AI2 Washington Cascades
8-30-9-3-01 S.E.Buttress Cathedral Peak  III+5.9 Pasayten Classic
9-15,16-01 Stanley-Burgner Prussik Peak III-5.9+
3-3-02 New York Gully Snoqualamie Mt. IV-5.8-M4 First Ever Roped Solo of Rt.
3-14-02 Murchison Falls Mt Murchison III-WI4+ Can.Rockies
3-30-31-02 North Face Dragontail Pk. IV-5.7-AI3 Free Solo
4-20-02 Diedre Squamish Apron III-5.8 B.C.
5-12-20-02 Orig.West Ridge Mt. Hunter IV+5.8-AI3  Attempt to 11,500′
6-2-02 Becky Route Liberty Bell II-5.6 WA.Pass
6-20-23-02 N.E.Buttress Mt.Goode IV-5.5
7-13-14-02 Clean Break Juno Spire IV-5.10c WA.Pass
7-27-02 E.Butt.Direct S.Early Wint. Spire IV-5.11a Free,OS
8-10-12-02 Dir.N.Buttress Bear Mt. V-5.10a
8-24-26 W.Ridge McMillan Spire II+3rd Southern Pickets
8-24-26-02 E.Ridge Inspiration Peak IV-5.9 Southern Pickets
9-28-02 Becky Rt. E.Willmans Spire II-5.4 Monte Cristo
10-13,14-02 N.Ridge,NE.Face Eldorado Pk. II-AI3
11-3-02 Online,Exist.Exit Static Point III-5.11+  2 Routes,11 Pitches
12-7,8-02 NW. Couloir Eldorado Pk. III-WI3
12-21-02 S. Rib Guye Pk. III-5.7-M3 Snoq.Classic
12-27-02 Whiteman Falls Kannanaskis,Can. IV-WI6
12-28-02 Kitty Hawk Mt. Elliot IV-WI5
2-8,9-03 Watusi Rodeo Colonial Peak IV-AI4+R 4th Ascent,
3-1,2-03 IC.BC Lilloet II-WI5 Also Nightingale
6-16,17-03 Fishook Arete Mt.Russell III-5.8
6-18-20-03 Sunribbon Arete Temple Crag IV-5.10a
6-25,26-03 S.E.Face Little Mac Spire III-5.8
6-25,26-03 E.Ridge E. McMill Spire I-5.0
6-25,26-03 E.Ridge W. McMill Spire II-5.4
6-25,26-03 E.Ridge Inspiration Peak III-5.9
6-31-7-1-03 Fremont Glacier Mt.Logan II-4th Solo-24 hr.
7-6,7-03 West Ridge Mt.Constance III-5.4 Olympics
7-12-03 West Face N.Earl.Win.Spir III-5.11a Washington Cascades
7-12-03 S.W.Rib S.Earl.Win.Spir III-5.8 Washington Cascades
7-25-03 Complete South Pickets Traverse VI-5.10+
8-2-03 Davis-Holland Upper Town Wall III-5.11b Index w/ Luvn Arms direct
8-9-03 E. Face Lexington Tower III+-5.9
8-17,18-03 SW Face Early Morn.Spire IV-5.9
9-6.7-03 N.Face Mt.Maude III-AI2
9-20-22-03 Ygdrasil Incred. Hulk IV-5.10c
9-22-03 West Face Cardinal Pinnacle III-5.10a
9-23-25-03 N.Palisds.Trav. 5-14k’ Peaks IV-5.9 Thunderbolt to Sill
9-26-03 S.Crack Stat.Pleas.Dome II+-5.8
9-30-10-2-03 NW Ridge Mt Logan V-5.8 First Ascent-Free Solo
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  1. says

    Wayne: always been monitoring your career. Extremely impressive and inspirational. St. Peter’s Dome. Black Spider. You have definitely made your mark.

    -Ric Conrad, author, “Mount Hood: Adventures of the Wy’east Climbers, 1930-1942.”

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