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Welcome to my online climbing journal.

Page 6: 2014-2016

2-5-9-14 Banks Lake: Cable(tr), Zenith, etc 6p to WI7 w Jess, Beau, Ben E

2-11-14 Rainbow Serpent, Ghost 3p WI6 w Jess

2-15-14 Nothing  but the Breast 3 p wi4+ w/Lane 22p ice trip

3-4-14 Levitation 29 , Eagle Wall, IV-5.11-A0  w/Mike

3-8-14 Iron Messiah III-5.10, Zion
3-9,10-14 The Silmaril, The Watchman V-5.11-A1

3-12-14 Monkeyfinger 6p, 5.11-A1

3-13-14 Smashmouth 4p, 5.11b

3-29-14 Triassic Sands, Wholesome Fullback, Our Father, BVWall. 9p link-up to 10d

3-31-14 Unimpeachable Groping 6p 5.10+

4-1-14 Dark Shadows (complete), Mescalito IV-5.8 11p

7-5-14 E. Face Minuteman III-5.10b 6p w Paul

7-12.13-14 Gorillas in the Mist, West Wall, Mt Stuart IV-5,11. With Jon T

9-14-14 Solitude, Lookout pt, Index 5p 11b A1 w/Alex

9-20-14 2p Smoke Bluffs, then Krimo to Liquid Gold 5p 5.11a w/ryan

9-21-14 Borderline-Angels Crest- High Plains Drifter 16p  11c w/alex,jon

9-28-14 Strange Boar to Black Rock, index 7 total p to 11a

10-5-14 Wildest Dreams 4p 5.11- A1, + 2p w/Doug H.
12-9to12-16-14 Hyalite 18p to WI5, M6

1-12-15 Sniveling to Weeping Pillar V-wi6 6p w/Nic

1-15-15 Hydrophobia V-WI 5+ w/Tim, Andy

1-17-15 Twisted III-wi5 3p w/ Steve, Bill

1-20-15 Curtain Call IV-WI6 w/ Tyler, Nic

2-15-15 My Daddys a Psycho 3p WI5 w/ Andy D.

2-17-15 Carlsburg, Cascade Kronenburg 6p to m5, WI5 w/ Alex, Andy

2-19-15 Beowulf 4p wi4 w Ryan

3-6-15 Fine Jade, Rectory 3p, 511a w Adam
3-7-15 Honeymoon Chimney, The Priest 3p 5.11
3-8-15 N.Ridge, Monster Tower 4p, 5.11-A0
3-9-15 N.Face, Standing Rock 3p 5.11-A0
3-11-15 N Face, Castleton Tower 3p 5.11

6-7-15 Ellen Pea rt, Supercave IV-5.11-ao 6p w Jon

6-22-15 Southern Man, SEWS 9p IV- 5.11b-A1 w/Steph

7-10-12-15 Skywalker, Calculus Crack, Squamish 17p to 10b w/ Pat, and MAC

8-1-15 Tiggers, FK wall 5.11a, 6p

8-2-15 Sunset Strip IV-10d, 12p

8-16-15 Labor Pains III-5.11a 5p w/lane

8-27-15 DHLA and Pressure Drop, Index 7p to 11a

9-4-15 Orbit, SCWall III-5.8+ 6p w/Matt
9-7-14 Der Sportsman III-5.11d 6p w/Zac, Laurel

9-11-15 Life on Earth, Mt Habrich 10c, 5p w/lane
9-12-15 Milk Road, Tantalus Wall 10d-A0 9p
9-13-15 Bulletheads East 10c, 4p

12-27-15 Twisted, mt Stephen wi5, 3p w/ Doug, Lane

12-28-15 Super Bok, mt. Stephen wi5, 3p w/lane

12-30-15 Mixed Master IV-5.8-wi5, 7p w/doug

12-31-15 Bourgeau Left wi5, 4p w/doug, lane

1-10-16 Fan-Wallace, wi3,M5+,2p, FA on Bryant Buttress, Alpental

2-8-16 Fang and Fist 4p wi5 w/bob

2-13-16 Kronenburg/Carlsberg 3p wi5

4-16-16 Little Fire , Duck Wall 5.10+-A1 5p w jp

4-17-16 Solitude 10d a1  4p w/ Jeremy

4-17-16 And Say 5.11c 3p w/ Jeremy

5-30-16 Labor Pains N. Early III-5.11a 5p w/lane, jp

6-13-16 Thompson/Fuller Memorial III-5.11 5p  w/lane

6-26-16 The Crimson Eye, UTW 4p 5.11+,AO/fall w jeremy

7-17-16 Up’er Zipper 3p 11b, ao w/doug

8-15-16 Free Mojo 5.11 c2 5p w Doug

9-11-16 Heaven’s Gate, UTW Index 5.11a/b 4p, 1 fall w/ Priti

10-20-16 Breakaway/ La Cierta Edad 10d, 6p w/Bob
10-22-16 Nightcrawler 4p 10d
10-26-16 Inti Watana, mt. Wilson, 10c, 12p w/Bob

10-29-16 SourMash BVW 10a 4-8p

10-31-16 Eagles Dance 10c, A0 9p

12-3-16 Kidd Falls wi4, 2p w/Joe

12-5-16 Amadeus wi4-m5, 2p w/ Steve, Joe

12-9-16 Hot Fudge Thursday, Windy Peak 5.9 5p w/ Mike

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