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1-1-17 Eating/Shitting Razorblades, Banks Lake wi5+, 3p w jp

1-6,7-17 Champagne, Sundance Kid wi5 3p w/Doug

1-18-17 Redman/Whiteman 4p to m6 wi6 w/ Jeremy R

1-20-17 Wuthering/Green Angel 3p to wi4 w/ Steve, Jeremy

1-22-17 Big Dipper, Little Dipper 3p to wi4, w/Jeremy
1-24-17 Circus Circus wi4 3p w/Jim Elzinger

2-19-17 Zach Attack+G2 6p  wi5, m5 w/ Bill P

2-20-17 Scepter, Mummy 3, 4 3p wi6

3-11-17 Nasty Habit 3p wi5-m7 w/Keenen

3-12-17 Lower Weeping Wall, center 3p wi4/5

3-13-17 Curtain Call 2p wi5/6

3-14-17 Blob, Blob, Blob 3p wi3-m6+

3-26-17 Prince of Darkness 5.10c a0 7p with JC
3-27-17 Black Magic, Lotta Balls 6p 5.8+
3-28-17 Epinephrine 5.9 16p
3-31-17 The Fox, DB Roof + 4 others 6p to 11a w Mike
4-1-17 Y2K, Next Century, Out of Control 7p to 10d
4-2-17 Community Pillar 5.8+ 6p
4-3-17 Fiddler on the Roof 10d 4p 48p

4-10-17 Sister Superior, Jah Mon 4p 10+a0

4-11-17 W. Face 3 Gossips 3p 5.11 a1

4-12-17 Long Dong rt. Kissing Couple 5p 5.11 ao

6-25-17 Freedom Rider, IV- 5.10dR-A0 14p w/Jeremy

7-1,2 -17 Liberty Traverse V-5.10d 5 peaks w/Jenn

7-3,4-17 Skinny Start, Big Kangaroo VI-5.11b 8p w/ James, Lane

7-16-17 Hell Bent for Glory, Diamond Wall 10d 7p w/Jeremy

7-22,23-17 Dairyland, S.Nesakwatch Spire III-5.10d, 6p

8-19,20-17 Squamish 8p to 11a, Rutabaga, w/J

8-23-17 Hell Bent 10d 7p w/lane

8-26-28-17 Slesse 5 Peak Traverse V+ 5.7, w/Jenn

9-2-4-17 Squamish 12 p to 10b w/lane, jenn

10-2-17 Sunblessed+Enlightenment 6p to 10c w/Lane

10-28, 29-17 Index Free at last+4p more 8 total to 11a w Paul, jenn

11-25-17 Virtual Reality wi5/6 3p w/ Doug

11-26-17 Elliot Left Hand Gully wi4 3p