My name is Wayne. I am a Union Carpenter that is passionate about the great sport of climbing and the beauty of nature. Originally from Portland, I currently live in the Seattle area. This site is an extension of an ongoing journal that I have kept my entire climbing career. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to do something similar.

I realize that climbing is a self-indulgent sport and will not pretend it is otherwise. I will also add that I have enjoyed the positive impact that the beauty and depth of experience the sport provides in the lives of myself and others..

My message: Please, drive and consume less-Recycle more. and SHOP LOCAL

These are my favorite trips.


      • says

        Hi Wayne, I just went to your web site. Great climbs and pictures. You are setting the climbing worlld afire. Im very impressed. I had my eye on some of those routes 20 years ago, while i was doing superalpism too. I repeated the sickle last week at
        Broughtons. I remember all the free soloing that we used to do. Im glad you are still out on the sharp end of the rope!
        Climb High,
        Bob McGown.

  1. Dylon Goodyear says

    Hey Wayne, do you think it is more challenging for a regular climber to climb in the canadian rockies, the cascades or the sierra nevadas. I do not include the american rockies because they are mostly large rounded hills. I am including the rockies of Montana ( granite peak) and of wyoming and idaho as part of the canadian rockies as they are more similar to the canadian ones than to the colorado ones ( the ones I’m refering to as the americans). I believe the canadian rockies differ greatly from their american cousins as they have greater relief, are heavily glaciated, have more challenging routes and are more remote. How would you compare the cascades and the sierras to the canadians. I am trying to decide whether I will move to Calgary ( canadian rockies) or seattle ( cascades). I wish to pick the better mountains to prepare me for expeditions into the himalaya and denali. Thx

    • says

      Great Question Dylon. There are different categories of difficulty and types of climbing. Each area has something for every taste, difficult or easy. That said, I would say as as far as technical difficulties there are far more tough routes in the Canadian Rockies than you could do in your life time. The Cascades has some difficult routes but the biggest challenge there is in the navigation, weather, and logistics. . That could help you as a general mteer in great ways. The other climbing town areas would be better for being part of a community to bring up your standards with technical difficulty however. / The Sierras have a user friendly weather and access that will help your rock climbing and sheer volume of routes. I wish I could tell you exactly what to do, but weigh what type of climbs you want to do and study more of these areas. You are on the right path,Wayne

  2. Scott Schmidt says

    HI Wayne, Enjoyed reading all the climbs you have done, especially the Oregon ones. The East Buttress of Mt Washington made me smile, as I was there in 1969. Rabbit Ears, North side of Monkey Face, and many others made me realize we are kindred spirits. Keep smiling and safe returns. Scott Schmidt, Hawi, HI

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