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Welcome to my online climbing journal. These “routes pages” are lists of what I would call “major routes”and or summits. They are the bigger routes that I have been able to climb during my climbing life.  My minimum criterion to make it on these lists are based on:  the time period in my life, # of pitches (3 0r more), difficulty , etc. I also have a diary of the minor routes in other journals. I am very glad I kept track from the beginning. It has added motivation to do bigger and harder routes.  I hope you are inspired to do the same.

Use it to build your tick list and surf trip reports.

Beginning on pg 3 there are links to my personal trip reports. Some links are from other parties as well

Page 4; “the mid-late 2000’s”

4-10,11-04 S. Couloir S. Brother I-3  Olympics 2 attempts
5-7-11-04 Ham + Eggs Mooses Tooth IV-5.8-AI4 Complete base to summit
6-2-04 Ice Cliff Glacier Mt.Stuart II-AI2
6-04 Backbone Ridge Dragontail Pk. IV-5.9
7-1-04  North Pickets Traverse Attempt 5 peaks
7-16-04 S.Face The Tooth II-5.4 Free Solo
8-7-9-04 Complete Traverse Sawtooth Ridge V+-5.7R FA-19 Summits, Olympics
8-28,29-04 W.Face Col.Bal.Rock IV-5.11-A1
9-25-04 4 Routes Ingalls Traverse III-5.7 3 pks;4 Routes free solo
10-2-04 Hyperspace Snow Crk.Wall IV-5.11 Rare Redpoint
12-21-25-04 Lwr.N.Ridge Mt.Stuart IV+-5.8-AI4  Winter Attempt to 8500′
3-05 South Face Mt Washington II-5.2 Olympix 2 attempts
3-05 Yak Check Yak Peak IV-5.10a First”Winter Ascent”
5-30-05 E Ridge Mt Stone II-3 Olympics
6-18-05 S.Ridge Mt.Angeles II-3
7-3,4-05 Becky-Davis Prusik Peak IV-5.10
7-11-16-05 Compl.Traverse N.Pickets VI-5.7  9 Peaks
8-8-12-05 W.Coast Trail Vancouver Island  70k in 4 days  Josh K trip report
9-4-05 N.Face Finger of Fate III-5.9 Idaho-Sawtooth Range
9-5-05 Mtneers Rt. Elephants Perch III-5.9            ”             ”
9-17-05 Back of Beyond B.O.B.Buttress III-5.10b B.C.Canada
9-24-05 W. Ridge Pilot peak 4th
9-25-05 Dome Glacier Dome Peak 4th Solo
12-17-05 Black Dagger, Columbia Gorge  IV-WI5+M4 F.A.
1-12-06 The Scorcerer Ghost River-Can IV-WI5
6-11-06 Reg rt. Mt Index II-4th
6-25-06 Reg rt. Mt. Daniel II-3rd
7-1-3-06 Kautz Glacier Mt. Ranier III-AI3
7-9-06 Quien Sabe Gl. Boston Peak II-4th Boston and Sahale
7-16-06 Condormorphine Condor Butt. III-5.10b
7-29-06 NW Face Liberty Bell III-5.10
8-6-06 N. Ridge Mt Baker II-AI3
8-10-14-06 West Face Spectre Peak IV-5.9+ F.A.
8-28-06 Mongo Ridge West Fury VI-5.10 F.A.-Solo   NWMJ Report
9-3-06 S. Ridge Gimli Peak IV-5.9 Valhallas
10-15-06 Midway Castle Rock II-5.8+ with daughter
12-2-06 Entropy Soo Bluffs II-WI3
12-3-06 The Plum Pemberton III-WI5
2-3-07 N.Dih.Direct Snow Crk.Wall  IV-WI5-M6 R F.A.
5-4-07 N.Face Graybeard Pk III-AI4 5th ascent
5-27-07 Sysiphus Goat Wall III-5.11a
7-5-07 Surfs Up Snowptch.Spire III-5.9 Bugaboos
7-7-07 Furry Pink Arete Snowptch.Spire III-5.10c Bugaboos
7-14-07 Comp.N.Ridge Mt. Stuart IV-5.9 Free-solo traverse
7-14-07 W.Ridge Sherpa Peak II-5.6
7-14-07 W.Ridge Argonaut Peak II-5.4
7-15-07 S.Side Colchuck Peak 3rd
7-15-07 E.Ridge Dragontail Peak 3rd
9-1-2-07 S.W.Ridge Mt.Triumph III-5.8 F.A.
!2-07-1-08 Cody Ice  Rts:Stringer, Too Cold, Sendero, Main Vein.
2-1-08 Synchronicity III-WI-4 Free-Solo
5-25-08 Black Peak 4th- Ski descent
6-21-23-08 N.E. Ridge Bonanza Pk III-5.7
7-5-08 Silverstar Gl. Silverstar Peak 3rd
7-19-21-08 N.Butt. Mt Terror IV- 5.8 Stoddard Direct
8-2-08  Serpentine Arete, Dragontail Peak III-5.8
8-10-08 Dreamer/Urban Bypass, Green Giant Butt. IV-5.10b
8-16,17-08 Torment-Forbidden Traverse – V-5.6
8-23,24-08 Quien Sabe Glacier- Sahale Peak II-4th
9-6,7-08 SE Ridge, Sloan Peak II+5.10   F.A.
9-16-08 Venusian Blind Arete, Temple Crag IV_5.7
9-19-08 SE Butt Cathedral peak III-5.7
12-24-08 Skookum Falls-Left III+WI4
1-21-23-09 Benetiers Route-El Mocho, Patagonia IV-5.11-A0
1-30-09 Source Lake Line, Bryant Peak II-WI4+
2-8-09 Pineapple Express/Blue Moon, Snoqualamie Mt, IV-M6-AI3+ Danes report

2-15-09 New York Gully, Snoqualamie Mt , IV-M5-AI3+
2-28-09 Snow Lake left ice route II-WI3
3-21-09 Red Mt. With Ski-decsent
5-23-25-09 The 3 Fingers Traverse IV-5.0-AI2
-14-09 Ride the Lightning,Goose Egg Mt. III-5.9
6-27-09 Thread of Ice-East Twin Needle III+-5.7-AI2 First Ascent
6-27-09 S. Face-West Twin Needle II-5th
7-15-09 GranTorino-Dome-peak,-IV-5.9-FA  Mikes tr
7-17-09 GunrunnerTraverse IV-5.10
8-2-09 NW.Arayete,mt.Shuksan-III+5.9R    Darins tr of FA

8-9-09 N.Ridge-Buck,_mt. IV- 5.8 2nd ascent

9-13-09 Mythic Wall, Twin Sisters III-5.10

12-26_12-31-09 Hyalite-Cody 9 routes- biggest: Moratorium III- Wi4+

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