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Welcome to my online climbing journal. These “routes pages” are lists of what I would call “major routes”and or summits. They are the bigger routes that I have been able to climb during my climbing life.  My minimum criterion to make it on these lists are based on:  the time period in my life, # of pitches (3 0r more), difficulty , etc. I also have a diary of the minor routes in other journals. I am very glad I kept track from the beginning. It has added motivation to do bigger and harder routes.  I hope you are inspired to do the same.

Use it to build your tick list and surf trip reports.

Beginning on pg 3 there are links to my personal trip reports. Some links are from other parties as well

page 5: “Early 2010-Present”

2-2-10 Flow Reversal Bryant Mt II-WI4+, 110m 3p

2-5-10 N.Face Chair Peak II-AI2

2-20,21-10 East Face Pyramid Peak III+-AI5-Ao FA 300m

3-6-10 Center Drip, Black Spider, Mt Hood FA III-WI3 200m 15 attempts Beaus trip report  video

3-16-10 Jimmy and the Cruisers , Yamnuska III-5.11a 200m

3-18-10 The Sorcerer III-WI5 3p
3-19-10 Nemesis III-WI5/6 3p
4-24-26-10 Trout Creek 9 routes to 5.11

7-5-7-10 The Index Traverse V-5.8

7-11-10 Serpentine Crack, Liberty Bell- III-5.10+

7-15-10 N.Ridge Forbidden Pk IV-5.0

7-31-10 NE Face, Pingora IV-5.8

8-1-10 E. Ridge, Wolfs Head, III-5.6

8-15-10 Paddle Flake, Crescent Spire II-5.10

8-16-10 Becky-Chouinard Route, South Howser Tower V-5.10 (5-10+ Var.) 4 attempts

8-28-10 Hay/Fun Roof, Chimney Rock II-5.10b

9-3-10 Other side of the tracks, Spring mt III-5.10b/c 5p, w/Josh K

9/29-2/2-10 Squamish 4 days, 2 multi-pitch, 23 total pitches to 11.b

10-5-10 North Side, Vesper Peak II-5th

10-16-10 Centerfold, Rattletale, Index 5.11 7 p total

12-4,5 10 Banks Lake Ice, 7p to WI5

12-11-16 Hyalite Ice 11p to WI6-M6

12-28-10 G2,HFA,hangover.5p, w/Beau

1-1,2-11 Banks, 6p to wi6

4-8-10-11 Trout Creek 13p to 5.11

4-24-11 Commitment 5.9, 3p- The Surprise Direct 5.10d, 3p. Yos. Valley

4-25-11 Serenity Crack to Sons of Yesterday 5.10d 8p

4-26-11 Royal Arches 5.9 A0 15p

4-27-11 Crest Jewell Direct, North Dome 5.10d A0 15p

5-11-11 Castle Rock 5p to 5.11, High Road, Patina Atoll, Twinkie****

5-13-11 Stolen Chimney, Ancient Art III-5.11 4p

5-14-11 Jah Man, Sister Superior III-5.10+ 4p****

5-15-11 In Search of Suds, The Washerwoman III-5.10+ 4p

6-4-11 The Birthday Tour, WA Pass ski tour

6-5-11 Sisyphus, Goat Wall III-5.11

6-10,11-11 NW Face Couloir, Mt Stuart III-AI3- M4

7-3,4-11 Ice Extension, Mt Adams, FA IV-AI4

8-6-11 Rampage, Paisano Pinnacle, 5.10d, 4 1/2 p

8-7-11 Action Potential, Burgundy Spire, III+-5.10d 9p

8-20,21-11 NE Rib, Johanesberg Mt. IV-5.6

8-37,28-11Springbok Arete, Les Cornes, IV-5.10+ A0

10-29-11 Maxls Gamsevoir, Martinswand 5.8 5p      My tr on Trip to Europe

10-29-11 Ostriss, Martinswand 5.10 5p      Michaels tr on Dolomites
10-30-11 Micheluzzi rt, Ciavazes 5.9 12
10-31-11 Geschweifter-Kamm, Sas Ciampac 5.7 15p
11-22-11 Professor Falls,3p, WI4 did all but last 20m, wet

12-22-11 Death Picnic WI5 2p

1-1,2-12 Hyalite 9 p to WI5, M6, Longest: Silken Slot

1-12-12 The Replicant, Mt Rundle IV-WI5+ 3p

2-4-16, San Rafael, J-Tree, Red Rocks 40p to 5.11b

2-17-12 Primrose Dihedrals, Moses IV-5.10-A1 5p

3-4-12 Responsible Ladies Man, Strobach WI5+ 2p

3-8-12 Zebra-Zion/Gumby 5.10b 3p

3-9-12 Sky Ridge 5.8 3p

3-9-12 Wherever I Roam/Unforgiven 5.10b 5p+2

3-10-12 West Face var, Monkey Face III-5.8-A0 4p, 21p for trip

4-7-12 Rime Dog III-AI3+, M4  Beaus TR

4-10-12 Godzilla, C.Park, Slow Child. Index III-5.10d plus 2 other pitches

5-13-12 Town Crier, UTW, Index IV-5.9-c2

7-2-12 The Fine Line, Elephants Perch IV-5.11b-A1 10p 3 pts aid
7-3-12 Sunrise Book , Elephants Perch III-5.10-A1 5p
9-1-12 Acid Baby, III+-5.10d 5p

9-15-12 Spontaneity Arete II-5.7

9-16-12 The Hitch Hiker, S. Early Winter Spire IV+-5.11-A1

9-30-12 Dod Rt, Turkey Monster III-5.11 4p

12-8-12 Oh Le Tabernac, attempt at WW Capitan, 2p WI5+CRockies tour 18p to WI5+, M6

12-29 to 1-4/13 Hyalite trip 17p to WI5, M6

1-13-13 Goats Beard, Goat Wall V-WI5 6p 400m w/shaun

1-18-13 The Fang( aka wdae?), Tyee Fall. 3p to wi5 w Vern, Beau, shaun VIDEO 1-21 -13 Frigus Manus FA WI5+
5-19-13 Snibble Tower III-5.10-ao w simon 6p
6-9-13 Heavens Gate, UTW Index 5.11a 4p
6-14-13 The Warrior 2p 5.11a w Vern

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