Banks Lake Ice 10

Beau and I went to Banks Lake 2 hours West of Spokane . The area is beautiful, home to one of the largest dams in the world: the Grand Coulee. With just a couple of cold weeks , the area came in offering 10- 15 routes in great condition. Here I am on Pee Wees Playhouse, Right hand flow. WI5.

Above is the right hand side of PeeWees. There were several routes in there. We did the Center in 2 pitches. I would not recommend doing the second. We also did the right hand and set the Abalkovs. Very fun to do the fa for the season, I did a lot of picked-out ice last year .

On sunday , we started out on a strong WI5 Pillar named H2O2. It was sick. I was getting ready to lead it , when I noticed  Beau was already in his crampons and ready to go. I suggested he lead it, and he did it! It was his first grade 5 and a tough one at that. I got pumped just following it. Ladies and gents : H2O2! ( big photo below)

We rounded off the day doing the classics around the Devils Punchbowl.

Awesome area, We are headed right back, stay tuned for more.

Thanks to Pro Mountain Sports for the crampons!


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